Student Services

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Welcome to the NLESD Student Services website.

Our team supports students to learn and grow within a responsive learning environment. We work to ensure that our students grow and develop as unique individuals with the opportunity to learn in a manner suited to their strengths, needs, and unique ways of learning. Identifying the strengths of our students is the starting point for developing programming that fosters independence and autonomy. Our schools have staff, resources, facilities, and equipment to develop and support programming and services.

NLESD is an inclusive learning organization. Whenever possible students fully participate in the life of the school community and learn in classrooms with age-appropriate peers. We focus on enhancing access to programs and services along with high quality programming to foster independence and success for students.

We work in service to students and families. We look forward to our time together. We value community partnerships in support of students and parents / guardians (i.e. Autism Society, Atlantic Canada Special Education Authority, Department of Education, Child Youth Advocate, Child, Seniors and Social Development, Coalition of Persons with Disabilities, Learning Disabilities Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, Memorial University of Newfoundland).

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