About Us

The Student Services Division includes programs and services focused on enhancing access to and opportunities for student success. This includes special education, distance education, multicultural and indigenous education.

The Student Services Division offers a broad range of programs and services to support educators and students. NLESD’s approach to special education is based upon the principle of meeting students’ needs within the most enabling environment. All of our schools have facilities, resources, support personnel and equipment necessary for developing and implementing special education programs and services.

Our Board actively promotes inclusion programming, where students with special needs fully participate in the life of the school community. Wherever possible, students are educated in regular classrooms with age-appropriate peers. A full range of placements and services are made available to our students.

The Assistant Director of Student Services is a member of the NLESD Executive team and reports to the Associate Director of Education (Programs and Human Resources) This position is accountable for overseeing the effective and efficient provincial implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the full range of student services programs, services and practices that enhance educational opportunities. This position leads a provincial team of Directors of Student

Services and other professional and support staff in designing and facilitating programs that are focused on learning and established educational outcomes that are responsive to the needs of individual school communities within a safe and caring school framework.