CDLI: Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation


CDLI’s mandate includes the development and delivery of senior high school distance education programming to students attending high schools in rural, remote and isolated regions of the province, resource and technical support for the delivery of online teacher professional learning, and the oversight of K-12 technology integration initiatives.


CDLI Supports programming in High School and Intermediate grade levels within the province of NL and Labrador by supplying online learning as course resources/content through it’s website. CDLI also provides online tutoring resources for students from Intermediate (some subject areas) up High School (all subject areas).


  • Course Content (42 courses)

  • Course Review Supports (Various courses)

  • Pass/Asynchronous Course Content

  • Tutoring resources and services

  • Guidance Services

  • Technology Integration projects

  • Teacher Professional Learning Site (K12 PL Site)

  • Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation Website