Positive Action for Student Success [PASS]


Positive Actions for Student Success (PASS) is offered in many of our intermediate and high schools as a support to students who are struggling with successfully engaging in school. Student Success Teachers (SSTs) build relationships with students and provide learning environments that are safe and caring. The Student Success Teacher is one member of the school team providing support for students at critical times in their learning journey.

Sometimes a student’s optimal learning environment may need to be adjusted to provide supports that extend beyond the classroom - that is the role of the SST. PASS programming may help a student reconnect in person, experience academic success, and find their way through a difficult life situation.


At the high school level, PASS programming can support a student’s learning through credit rescue, credit recovery, and new course registration. PASS support is available to students who may have left school early, before completing all the courses necessary to graduate.

The goal for all PASS programming is student engagement and success!

Students can be referred to PASS by a teacher, guidance counselor, or school administrator. Sometimes students reach out themselves and begin that relationship with the Student Success Teacher.


Student Success Teachers work with many partners to provide supports and resources for students. These partnerships are as varied as the communities in which schools are located.

Contact Information:

Department of Education

Tony Hillier

Program Development Specialist

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Department of Education

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Phone: (709) 729-3592

Fax: (709) 729-1400

Email: thillier@gov.nl.ca


Katrina Moores

Director of Programs (Provincial)

95 Elizabeth Ave

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Phone: (709) 758-2385

Email: katrinamoores@nlesd.ca